Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Kitchen WIndow

Today's I was reading Edge Effect's ( posting on kitchen windows. Irisis, a birthbath and nicely trimmed grass surrounding a tree trunk. My kitchen view is a mess, there are boston ferns, grape vines, butterfly bushes, clematises, a jasmine, a lady mantle passion vine, roses, veronicas, salvia and mint waiting to be planted in the ground or in pots over the bathroom terrace. There are bags of soil, the ramainings of 4 cement posts we dug out of the garden corners, a parking meter we collected out of dumpster last summer (in hope of incorporating it somehow to the landscape), the frame of an iron chair (also meant to be used somehow in the garden), the old wood holder for the fire place, a BBQ and a marble table with 4 chairs. The task of clearing it all up and making the place usable is totally overwhelming. Memorial day weekend is approaching and I need days of work before the place can look manageble.


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