Monday, June 04, 2007

2007 Gardening

The garden is a disaster. Winter came and all my tropical plants moved indoors, then the construction stared.

November was a time to get used to the idea of a little bit of work here and there. I could still water and care for my plants. Then December came and I realized the project was bigger than it appeared. By the time my crocuses started to show the garden was a mountain of wood, plaster and whatever other debris the construction yielded. Many of my indoor plants had also perished by then.

By April we thought construction was about to end. The garbabe was removed and just when some of the plants started to grow a new batch of materials invated the garden. It is now July and there is no sign that we will get to enjoy the garden this summer. Many plants are growing and even flowering despite the rubish, but between the slugs and the builders stepping over new plants I am afraid many of my not so well established perenials are not going to survive.